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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sexual Assault in Japan


Now I love Japan with all of my heart, but when it comes to this,...Japan, what the f*** is going on?

While Japan  has been one of the safest countries in the world with little crime, crime against Japanese and/or foreign women are REALLY common. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever that the society is still having this problem.

And that problem is sexual assault. 

Sexual assault has been one of the most common crimes that happened in Japan. It became really bad that train stations has a women-only car. Japan...if you created a women-only train car, it's probably a sign that this crime is out of control. 

There were countless times that Japanese women has been groped in trains, have their undies and/or bras taken discreetly, or unwanted sexual advantages on almost a daily basis. It's not just the Japanese males that done those types of crimes, but foreign males as well. The sickening part was that almost no one intervenes because it's a "private matter" between two people. 

 I do admit that there are times that Japanese women do fight back either physically or verbally, but there are some that are too shy to do anything because they're in shock that a male intentionally violated them. 

While the Japanese law enforcement and the government tried a lot of ways to lower sexual assault, there are some successes but overall not really much changed...

While I do strongly suggest women to speak up and to tell the cops immediately, the cops...really made the situation f***** up. When a Japanese woman actually have a chance to speak up to the police about their assault, majority of the times...they brush it off. 

While I thought that was bad, it became worse. When there's an actual time that the suspect gets convicted for sexual assault, they just apologize, pay the fine, and they're good to go.

Now...let that sink in. In Japan, the suspect could get away with the crime with the woman is scared for the rest of her life. Also, when a sexual assault happens, almost no one intervenes because it's disrespectful to get into someone's business.

For my Japanese brothers and sisters, it's COMPLETELY different in the United States. Sexual assault is really looked down. In America, people intervene, majority of the women would fight back, and the suspect will get arrested and put in jail. In American jail, perverts like that are the lowest of the low. Even lower than murderers...

I had met some Japanese women that was assaulted sometime in their lives, and I was really saddened about their experiences.

However, my best friend was sexually assaulted by an American foreigner. I was saddened because when she called me, her voice trembled. I had mixed emotions about that incident. I was sad because my best friend got violated by someone and upset to the guy that hurts the person that I know and love. 

Now...I am a forgiving person. I do forgive people from their mistakes.

My friend forgot to text back...didn't really bothered me that much.
Someone ate my chocolate chip cookies...I'll just buy another one.
My baby cousin puked on my Real Madrid jersey...I'll laugh about it even though it was a Ronaldo jersey and it cost me about $100. 

However,...this is one of those few times that I would NEVER forgive someone. I don't care if you buy me lunch, given me thousands of dollars, or other things, you hurt someone that I know and love. That's automatically unforgivable to me.

I am sorry but the day that someone hurts the people that I know and love is the day that I bash their skill and spit on their grave. I don't care if it was too far for me to do that, but they shouldn't have the right to hurt someone for any reason whatsoever.

Everyone please be careful,
Jay Nakamura