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Monday, September 4, 2017

Australian Man Blames Japanese Women on His Passion of Japan

In a Japan Times article, an Australian named Damien blamed Japanese women for him being bored in Japan. He said that by having a Japanese girlfriend, he would get bored with learning anything about Japanese culture.

How a love of Japan led me to stop dating its women | The Japan Times

The one (and only) positive thing that I could give to Damien is that he had a lot of balls telling people about his problem with Japanese women interfering with his passion with Japan altogether. I completely respect people by telling what's in the heart and/or mind. However,...bravery doesn't always cover up this kind of stupidity. Not just stupidity, but immature and messed up at the same time.

Blaming Japanese women for interfering with your passion does not make sense whatsoever. Damien saying is that the more time you put up with Japanese women, the less enjoyable Japan is all together. He believes that since he thinks like a Japanese person, then he can't date Japanese women, which does not make sense. No matter how much you know about Japanese culture, it's impossible to be pure Japanese.

Having a Japanese girlfriend shouldn't correlate with having fun in Japan. I'll admit. I never had a girlfriend, let alone a Japanese girlfriend. If I do someday, I would never blame them for me being bored with studying Japanese. There are lots of stuff that I can do to learn and to have fun. And's Japan...Boring cannot be the vocabulary when describing Japan.

Plus, Damien explained how many Asian girls he slept on his journey. He slept with Koreans, Filipino, Chinese, Thai, Nepalese...just one-third of the continent. While I do strongly support interracial dating and marriage, there are times that people make it an arrogant thing. It's not just a man-whore thing, but a foreigner "Casanova" thing.

For those that don't know what a casanova is, a casanova is a male that is smooth-talking women into sleeping with him. I am not trying to be a white knight or anything, but casanova men would make women feared of being in a relationship because they played with their hearts and they don't want to be played again.

I still don't get why foreign men tend to call themselves casanova men in Asia. It really doesn't make sense. You just go to Japan (or any other Asian country) and you're a shoo-in. You don't have to do anything besides being a decent human being. It makes the foreigners there give a bad reputation.

When I have a son, I'll teach him to treat girls as human beings, not as trophies for your penis.

In conclusion, Damien...even though I congratulate you with your bravery to speak your mind, this is one of those times that silence actually wins.

Be respectful,
Jay Nakamura