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Monday, August 21, 2017

My Favorite Author: Haruki Murakami

Reading books was a drag when I was in middle and in high school since I had to force myself to read since it mostly deals with academics (i.e. mainly English classes that made us act like robots). When I began reading it like a hobby, I learned that it was pretty cool since I could broaden my horizons without doing any boring assignments and essays for a grade that means nothing in the future.

Image result for haruki murakamiI was at a Barnes and Noble at Louisiana State University for a dual-college program, and I saw a book named "Wind/Pinball" by the author Haruki Murakami. I ignored it at first since I had nothing else to do, and I was just walking back to my dorm just to take a nap. However, every time I come back to Barnes and Noble, I began to drastically become interested in it. Finally, after a week going back and forth looking at the cover, I finally made up my mind to purchase the book and read it. Even though I didn't really finished reading the book, the author interests me.

It's not the "since he had a Japanese name, I automatically like it" kind of thing. It's more of his writings and his stories made me drawn into his stories even more. Last summer, I read his book called "Colorless: Tsukuru Tazaki", and I loved every single word he made. The stories gave some dialogue onto what was the problem, the lessons I've learned from it, and how I drawn into the story a lot more up until that I can't think about anything that's going on right now since I want to know what's going to happen next.

The story deals with a guy named Tsukuru Tazaki, and he was "forced" by Sara, his friend-with-benefit to search for his four friends that cut him off during his college years. He searched all around Japan and even went abroad to meet all of his friends and clear off any misunderstanding. He later become more positive and confessed his romantic feelings for her. It was a great story since it had a lot of dialogue as of who are his friends and how did he made a impact on Tsukuru, and (excuse my perverted mind) had a couple of decent sex scenes in the story.

That book was the start of supporting Haruki Murakami as a writer, and I start to being reading more books such as "Men Without Women" and "Norwegian Wood".

When I was boarding on a plane with my dad to travel to Los Angeles to meet his side of the family, I saw a man that was reading a book wrote by Haruki Murakami. I was awed that someone else had the same favorite author that I had, and we bonded immediately. I told him my favorite book from him and he told me his favorite book. We both haven't read each other's favorite books, but I was more surprised that he read a lot more books. Well, I'll take that back. He does look more sophisticated and educated, so reading Haruki Murakami's books was a long-term hobby for him.

In the future, I am starting to pump myself up to reading more of his books and learning more about him. As of now, I don't know much about his writings since he's more into a social outcast character with steamy sex scenes. He's more into compromise rather than saying who's right and who's wrong.

So, in conclusion, my favorite author to read about is no other than the award-winning author that is known to being one of the most prominent writers in the world, Haruki Murakami. I hope that you can read his books more often.

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