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Friday, August 18, 2017

My Favorite Anime: Inazuma Eleven

I'll be straight honest: I am not a die-hard anime fan. Never had been, and never will be.

I don't watch any mainstream anime shows, not binge-watching an anime series in one night, and I can't even read manga correctly. I always start going front to back, even thought one page told me that I am going the wrong direction. Yet, I still do that...

I keep on hearing Why you don't watch....? Because I don't have to f***ing watch it. I don't really like that particular anime.

Not everybody likes Attack on Titans. Not everybody likes Bleach. Not everybody likes Dragon Balls. And yet, a lot of die-hard fans get offended by people not liking something they like.

Why would I fall in love with an anime that screams AAAH for ten minutes until they actually do something?

But on that account, there is that one anime that stands out from the rest, and that is Inazuma Eleven. 

Inazuma Eleven talks about a middle school student named Mamoru Endou (surname first) that is a die-hard soccer fan, and his journey from all over the world and all over the universe with his teammates. He traveled all around Japan, played against many opponents, barely winning countless games, made friends from all around the world with different backgrounds, etcetera.

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Inazuma Japan
Even though it was a kids show, I was kinda interested for the most common reason: my love for soccer. Even though it does look like the soccer version of the Naruto series. I've watched the first three to four seasons of it since I really enjoyed the story-line and the comedy that they have from time to time.

One reason that I liked Inazuma Eleven was that it had a comparison between yet again Naruto series. Two main characters had someone in their family that made a great impact in their country before their deaths, and they tried their best to become a better version of the legacies. This is a small spoiler, but Mamoru Endou had a grandfather named Mamoru Daisuke that was one of the best goalkeepers in Japan before his "death".

Another reason is the life lessons that was displayed throughout the series. It has common ones such as being positive, never give up, and love something that you are passionate about (as long as its legal and appropriate). There was one episode that has a stronger life lesson. It was episode 107 and Endou talks to his teammates about how to get stronger as a soccer player. Then, he read to them ways on how to get stronger in his grandfather's notebook.

  1. The heart to never give up no matter what happens: Unrelenting guts
  2. The heart to never fear no matter how strong the enemy is: Confronting courage
  3. The heart to protect those precious to oneself: Bottomless kindness
  4. The heart to trust one's friends entirely: Absolute faith
  5. The heart to remain steadfast no matter the circumstances: Ice-solid composure
  6. The heart to see into the hidden truth: Omnipotent mind's eye
  7. The heart to forgive others for their mistakes: Forgiving strength
  8. The heart to understand the joy and sorrow of others: Empathetic tears
  9. The heart to see what only those with great resolve see: Boundless dreams
  10. The heart to believe in one's own strength: Unwavering confidence
  11. The heart to persist even if one hits rock-bottom: Warrior's pride
I was confused at first because it had nothing to do with becoming stronger as a soccer player, then I though about it for sometime. Why those 11 things would help someone become stronger in soccer? Then it hits me! It's not just becoming stronger as a soccer player, but helps become a better and more kinder human being. It mostly deals with everyday life.

Those 11 things that talks about the heart tells us that we have to be one with ourselves and with other people. That one had made the biggest perception on not just for my interest to that series, but for a lot of things. It helps me mature, forgive people for their mistakes, showing confidence and perseverance to myself, and finally to understand people's joys and struggles better.

In conclusion, Inazuma Eleven is the best anime that I've ever watched, and I'll watch every single episode again. I recommend watching it!

Let's go!
Jay Nakamura