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Monday, August 28, 2017

Japan Wins LLWS Championship

The Japan national baseball team once again became kings of baseball. Well, in Little League version. Tokyo, Japan defeated Texas in the Little League World Series championship game to earn their 11th championship title, 2nd-most in history just behind Taiwan. Not just the whole city of Tokyo, but Tokyo-Kitasuna.

I didn't have the chance to watch the game because I had to do something for my family, but I would root for both teams. Lufkin, Texas was a great American baseball team. They did play with a lot of heart and dedication for their hard work and the connection with the team. Same goes for the Japanese team. However, my reason for Japan's victory is because they've been there countless times while Lufkin just been there twice.

For the Lufkin team, I want to say congrats for making it too far. I know it is a tough loss but you guys never gave up when the backs are against the wall, and I hope I get to see you in the next championship game. Keep your heads up real high!

Now for the Kitasuna team, congrats for your championship victory. I just realized that you guys became the first city to win the championship game four times, and you won the whole thing undefeated. That's a great milestone for you guys.

Hope for everyone the best for next year! It might make me try out for baseball!

Good luck,
Jay Nakamura

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