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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

In the past couple of days, the "national" (really international) breaking news was the flooding of Houston, Texas, USA from Hurricane Harvey. Hundreds of houses destroyed, hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of people were rescued from their houses, thousands of pictures all over the Internet showing the devastation of Houston, and people from all around the nation have helped out in any way to restore Houston and its people.

Harvey landed in Houston on August 26, 2017, and was the second category 4 hurricane that landed in America in recent history (first was in August 2004). The shocking part was that it was a small storm before it became stronger in about 56 hours. That was quick!!

While there have been wonderful moments of people working together no matter what their background is, there's...been disappointing moments... Some Americans made it either a racial/political war at the time during and after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston because Texas was a Republican state. Also, even though Mexico helps the survivors, people expressed to using the money and the supplies they gave us to build the wall that Trump promised the country. 

As a Louisianan (Louisiana citizen), I was in remembrance of Hurricane Katrina that destroyed Southwest Louisiana and southeast Mississippi on August 29, 2005 (about 12 years) before I heard about Houston. A lot of people that lived in New Orleans moved to Houston to start over but had tension between Houston civilians because of the sudden rise of crime. Now, some Louisianans criticized Houston on social media because of the tension they had in the past. Some say that people in Houston deserved to suffer from Hurricane Harvey since they never helped them when their backs against the wall, while others advise people to not help the survivors. 

I am disgusted and disappointed by the rude and inhumane comments that Americans made about people in their own country even though there are thousands of people that lost almost everything they worked hard for, and reading the comments made my heart sank.

There is a time where we put our differences aside and help each other out no matter what background they are, race, country, or anything. It's a human thing to help someone in need. 

On the weekend, I am planning to donate some of my blood, food, water, and some money for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. 

For the people that are suffering from the hurricane, I am deeply sorry and I'll do whatever it takes to help anyone out.

Stay strong Houston,
Jay Nakamura