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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Anti-Conspiracy Controversy

On Thursday, japan passed an "anti-conspiracy" to allow police authorities to target terror conspiracies. The reason that the Japanese government passed the law is that it was needed to improve security around Tokyo and the country ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

The law states that police authorities will criminalize the plotting and committing of about 300 acts of any organized crimes. It supports the ban of funds or supplies, and if caught, one or two people can be charged if one member is found plotting the crime. Plus, it bans the expansion or maintenance of illicit interests of organized crime groups. 

Besides the serious crimes such as terrorism, here are the examples of crimes that are now banned by the new law:

  • Copying music
  • Conducting sit-ins to protest against the construction of any apartment buildings
  • Competing in a motor boat race without a license
  • Mushroom picking in conservation forests
  • Avoiding paying consumption tax

However, not everyone is on board with that law. The controversy is that the law is too conservative, weakens civil liberties and could monitor and target innocent Japanese citizens. Critics claimed that the law is too broaden, and given authority unnecessary excessive power.

Koichi Nakano explains how the law had changed the legal system in Japan. "Unless a crime is committed in Japan, no one can get punished. However, if they think you are thinking about doing a crime, they have a right to arrest you, and put you in surveillance."

So, now people think that Japan is becoming too conservative because according to Nakano, any police force will have the right to arrest you and put you in surveillance if you are even thinking about a crime.

That might result in innocent people getting arrested and sent to jail.

This law that the Japanese government passed made the Japanese and even the foreigners that are either visiting/living in Japan become more suffocating on a daily life in Japan. 

That's a complete no-no!! 

No one wants the law enforcement to suffocate them with constant surveillance. It's like an abusive girlfriend/boyfriend trying to know your every move. It's completely uncomfortable.

Like in America, there has been a lot of police officers being over suspicious about anyone that looks like they would do something that's completely illegal. That means they'll even awkwardly confront to you on what they are suspecting you are doing. That's not just awkward, but completely creepy. That's things an average stalker would do.

I am just saying that suffocating the people are not going to solve the crime in the future. It might backfire in the future. 

My message for the Japanese government, please reconsider the law before it's too late!

-Jay Nakamura

Before I go to today's shout-out, I would like to tell everyone that today's post is my 100th post. I would like to thank everyone for the support, and I will post for you guys in the future. Sometime soon, I would love to give back to the people in Japan and around the world.

I would like to give a shout-out to my great friend Shumpei from Tokai Gakuen Daigaku at Aichi, Miyoshi, Japan. Shumpei was one of my many great friends, and I though of him of not just my soccer rival, but my brother. Shumpei, I love you man, and I hope that we will face each other in Japan.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Austin Jones: Pedo-Star

I know this is completely different from the blog, so this will be one of those times that I'll be going off topic. Plus, I am kinda late on this news, so please bear with me.

Now, I have seen disgusting things that are on the Internet that people have done to others, but this... God, it's so bad, I am lucky that I have a strong stomach after reading this. If I didn't, I would seriously puked in the keyboard right now.

For people that does not know about the news, Austin Jones (a YouTube singer) has been arrested for two counts of producing child pornography. He was arrested on Monday at the O'Hara International Airport on Monday, and is now at a federal jail in Chicago. People from major news networks such as USAToday and Rolling Stone has been talking about the news.

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If you do not know who he is, Austin Jones is a YouTuber that does acapella (singing without any music) for popular songs. Despite having about 550,000 subscribers on YouTube, he is extremely popular, especially for teenagers. His YouTube videos gained millions on YouTube, have about 250,000 followers on Twitter, and he's just the YouTuber that made a lot of money.

On the span of August 2016 and May 2017, Jones was allegedly communicating with two underage females (14 and 15 years old). In both of the interactions, he told them that "to prove that you're my biggest fans, you have to send me sexually explicit videos." That should be an automatic red flag and a creep warning.
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Another scenario is on May 4th, one girl made 15 videos for Jones that is called "an audition." I guess the auditions have to deal with sex. While finally figuring that Jones was 24 years old, she keep telling him that he's underage, but he became persistent on it.

Third scenario is that a girl would be rewarded with a sex act with him if she was "lucky." It was the same girl that sent him 25 videos with one-third of it is sexually explicit.

Jones was under fire on 2015 when he lied about his age to the girl in order to get the twerking videos of them, which lead to a apology on Facebook and a confession on YouTube. He said on his apology that he just wanted to send them a twerking video and nothing more. That is not really making any difference.....

There were a couple of videos that were talking about how people that know him in a personal level gave him a second chance after his apology, and how they regretted giving him a second chance later on in the future, and they was right about telling everyone that he's completely creepy he was after he got arrested.

When people heard about his apology in YouTube and in Facebook, they forgave him. Now....they are wishing that they never gave him another chance...

Before I heard about the news, I honestly never heard of him in my entire life. I never heard of his YouTube channel, his Facebook, the scandal with him trying to get babies twerking in front of his phone lenses, I literally never heard of that guy before, and I am glad that I never heard of him before. After I heard of the news, now I realize that he's a sorry excuse of a man and as a human being. Since he's three years older than me, it made me scared that sex offenders are all ages.

In the past, I've learned this riddle saying "Girls are like math problems. If they are under 18, its best you do them to your head." It's not just funny but it turns out to be a life-saver.

After reading the news about his arrest, his background, and people's reaction to his arrests, I've learned some things that can be beneficial in the future for everyone.

1. When you have a role model, please just keep in mind that they are also human being and don't treat them like they're God or anything.
2. Despite if your role model is famous from your hometown to all around the world, please keep in mind that you don't let their fame to let you do stuff that you don't want to do. Don't let them peer pressure you. If you have the chance to meet your role model, and their words and/or actions made you uncomfortable, please tell someone. Don't keep it to yourself. If you keep it to yourself, you would be hurt, and they would do the same actions to everyone else. It's best to hurt one person rather than more than one person.
3. If someone looking up to you, every decision that you made not only affect you, but your friends, family, and your fans. So, please think twice before doing something that might cost your freedom. Also, it's better safe than sorry.
4. People will have messed up minds, no matter how gorgeous they look up close. I don't care he's more beautiful than Cristiano Ronaldo shirtless, if his mind's messed up, leave him.
5. There will be a time for you to choose either risk yourself and keep the friendship or burning a bridge and move on with your life. Again, better safe than sorry.
6. If someone gave you a second chance, don't messed it up. There are a lot of people that doesn't have a second chance with anything, so don't take any risks whatsoever to make someone regret giving you another chance.

Finally, just be safe on the Internet and have some common sense. I am extremely sick and tired of people being hurt on the Internet for someone's personal gain. The biggest reason that I said all those things on the listed above was there were times that I never got a second chance when I made a mistake, and there were times that I miraculously gotten a second chance. So, I am just saying those things through my personal experience so that no one else will have to suffer like that in the future.

Please be safe,
Jay Nakamura

Hayao Miyazaki: Anti-American

A couple of days ago, my friends and I were talking on a LINE group, and one of my friends talked about how he's really passionate about Grave of the Fireflies and Barefoot Gen, which are both old Japanese animated movies. While we were talking about how the themes of the movies correlate to today's life and society, he told me that Hayao Miyazaki was apparantly Anti-American when he was young.

Image result for hayao miyazakiAt first, I thought he was just bluffing and he tried to joke with everyone on the group. However, he showed me this website about how he was Anti-American when he was young. As I read the whole article, and even the pictures that was in Japanese (and translated to English), I was completely shocked that he was actually Anti-American in the past. The person that made Spirited Away and My Neighbor's Totoro, which made me so interested in Japan, hated American culture.

Then I told him that I was completely surprised that he's hates American culture. My friend was not really surprised since Hayao was born in 1941, the year that America and Japan fought each other in World War II. Also, he have to learn how to drive cars since he have to support his family. He hated driving cars since it's completely pointless in his eyes, and he predominately viewed it as an American invention that Japanese people started using.

And there were other things that he hated about American culture: such as soda, anything that's deep-fried (such as fried chicken), Disneyland, New York, and American burgers.

The article said that Miyazaki is now more tolerate about American culture, but there were other questions and concerns that are still into my mind while I was finished reading the article. Did he also hated American people and their mindset or just American culture? What made him become tolerate about American culture? Was it just "Oh! He's just young and naive about the world, so he needs some time to mature." or it was something else?

Long after I finished reading the article, I keep learning more about his history during and after World War II, and I thought of a prediction. When he was little, his father was doing a job with fighter planes (I don't know if it was kamikaze or something like that), and he have to move further away from Utsunomiya (his childhood home) because of the constant bombings in his hometown. That made a huge impact into his life and his perception of American culture. Also, in 2003, when he won an award on the 75th annual Academy Awards at Hollywood, he refused to go to America because it was the same country that bombed Iraq.

I guess the bombings of Iraq correlate to his hometown of Utsunomiya, and that's how he was becoming more distant and showing dislike to America as a country.

When people read about the article, some don't even blame for him hating America. Since someone or something had done something that can made a big impact on someone's life, it does make an impression. They didn't really blame him for America to bomb some Japanese cities that could hurt the Japanese people physically, mentally, and emotionally.

However, there are some people that said that America have to bomb Japan just to be safe because if they didn't they have to invade Japan. So, to them, bombing is more logic rather than invading Japan.

Those are other people's thoughts, and I do respect that, but as I made that article through my mind, I think Hey, I do understand his point of view since he loved his hometown. I would really be mad at someone putting harm on my hometown, but hating a country as a whole, not really. I wouldn't think that everyone in the country would like the idea of bombing someone's hometown. There will be some people that might disagree to that idea.

But the weird part about the article was the he cheered for Japanese men's underwear. Well, people have their own likes and dislikes, so it's best to accept it.

Mr. Hayao Miyazaki, if you are reading this, I would love to say that I am really grateful for all of your work, and I hope that we can meet each other for lunch sometime. My treat.

No more hate,
Jay Nakamura

I would like to give a shout-out to Samny from Guangzhou, China. Samny is my big sister, and I love her so much. Hope
we can eat sometime in Japan.Image result for anime hug

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Crime and safety in Japan

This might be a cliche for a lot of people that might of heard about this too many times, but I have to say it and educate the people that still does not understand these known facts.

For many people that are traveling to a different country, safety is almost the first thing that's on everyone's head. Whether it would be for crime, terrorism, and natural disasters, safety is the top list for everyone's concern list.

Some people might know this fact, but there are some that are still thinking that's completely false. For people that does not know, Japan is one of the most safest countries in Asia and in the entire world. Japan has less crimes than majority of the Western countries.

Japan has the less homicides, greater chance of detection, extremely low gun ownership, and the rejection of violence since World War II. Plus, Japan have less than one of every 100,000 people being murdered.

There were websites that says it's completely safe to travel around Japan at nighttime and kids will walk to their schools and their friend's house without any danger whatsoever. That made some people in Western countries shocked about the facts.

So with those facts added up, Japan is named one of the safest countries to go to for solo travelers. So, for people that want to go there alone, there are no worries.

Wonder what are the factors for the safest country in the world?

1. Anger and aggression are considered taboo in Japanese society, and (again) Japan turned away from violence after suffering the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
2. Japan has extremely strict laws dealing with guns compared to America. Only one in 175 houses in Japan have a firearm compared to America that have one in three. But there are exceptions of owning a gun in Japan. In Japan, buying a gun requires rigorous background checks and safety classes every three years for people that are interested in buying a gun in Japan.
3. Japanese criminal justice officials shown data that 98 percent of homicides are solved and 99 percent of convicts were convicted when brought to court.
4. Despite the knifing incident that killed 19 people on July 2016 at Sagamihara, Japan is still placed as one of the safest countries in the world.

For Americans that said That cannot be true! What would happen if there's terrorism from ISIS? Well, Japan has a controversial method for blocking terrorism in Japan. Japan has the method of having no Islamic terrorism in Japan compared to America and London. They limit the refugee acceptance of living in Japan. That means out of 8000 people, there are less than 1 percent of people living in the Middle East that would have the chance of living in Japan. The controversy is that many foreigners believed that it's completely racist and discriminating that less than one percent of refugees will have a chance to live in Japan, however, Japan never received a terrorist attack.

Well, I  just don't believe it! Japan is completely dangerous! We're safe in America!

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For people that said Japan is more dangerous that America, have you seen crimes in America compared to Japan?

There are kids that hit a mentally challenged man, there is a woman in America that influenced her boyfriend to commit suicide, celebrities are getting into trouble (even the ones that are not considered to be celebrities), and there's even a mother that left their children in the car for 15 hours while saying 'they'll cry themselves to sleep'. There's a special place in hell for these women and those kids.

So if you think that Japan is considered dangerous, just think about how many crimes are there in America in one hour, then reconsider your decisions.

For people that are going to Japan by themselves, be safe and learn as much Japanese as you can so you can learn and master any scenario in Japan.

Have fun,
Jay Nakamura

I would like to give a shout-out to Atika Fauzia from Indonesia! Love your drawings and hope to see you in Indonesia someday!!
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