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Friday, April 13, 2018

Racist Incident

So I honestly didn't want to talk about race in anything. Whether it is racism in Japan, America, UK, or in Mars (for some reason)... The biggest reason that I didn't want to talk about race is that it's one of the most complex controversial topics right now because some people cannot actually sit down and talk about it like normal and mature human beings. It's mostly half and half. Half of people think that racism is really important to take down and need to take seriously but half of people said racism should get some laughter and something like that. So, even thought I don't want to talk about it because there will be people that are going to choose sides, let's begin talking about my incident and racism in general.

It was on April 10th, and I was doing some homework that I didn't finish because I was procrastinating (as a usual college student). While I was taking a break from doing my homework, I was in a LINE group chat with different Japanese users (and yes I was the only foreigner in the group). In all honesty, even though I have been in that group for about a month, I didn't know anyone in the group personally. There are times that I do talk in the group and there are times that I don't. So, one Japanese user was curious about me all of a sudden. He saw a recent picture of me and my best friend (Japanese woman) together when I was in Japan, and asked "Which one is you?" in Japanese. At first, I thought they might be playing an innocent joke on me or something and I was kinda playing along. So I told him that I was on the right! Then a couple of minutes later, he sent the same picture of me and my best friend but he colored her face black and made a face to it. Then, he asked "Which one is you now? LOL" I was really surprised by not only the "blackening my best friend's face" but everyone was laughing at it. I asked myself Why are they painting my friend's face black? So, I just ignored that and brushed it to the side.

Then, 5 minutes later, they was zooming in on my face and called me dirty in Japanese. With comments such as "So dirty LOL" or "use palate cleanser" and stuff like that. I was getting more uncomfortable at that time up to the point that I leaved the group because it was just a weird feeling in my chest. One of the group members invited me back, and I thought Oh, I guess they was trying to apologize. Boy, I was so wrong. So, I got back in the group and they again zoomed into my face and kept saying comments like how dirty I am or something like that. It's like they don't see acne before. Like come on people, it's f***ing normal to have acne.

While they was making comments and just talking among themselves, there was a sentence that I didn't recognize by one of the Japanese users and I translated it in Google Translate. It was おい、奴隷(笑)(Oi, dorei=> hey, slave), and I was pissed and uncomfortable at the same time and I left the group. It was super disturbing for me that I had a first ever racial incident because it never happened to me before.

Now I know what some of you guys are thinking. You guys might say Jay, they might be kidding and they don't mean any harm. They just want to make small jokes. I can totally understand. I really like dark humor and humor dealing with racism because we need to at least laugh at it from time to time, but there's a clear f***ing difference between something that is dark humor and something that is straight-up offensive, and those comments they gave me are straight-up offensive with no humor whatsoever. Plus, I can understand racial jokes and I do laugh at it, but again,... There's a clear f***ing difference between a stranger telling me those comments and my close friends (or semi-close friends) telling me those comments. With my close friends, I know they are joking and didn't mean any harm, but with those users that I don't know at all, it's not funny. It was never funny in the first place because I literally don't know who you are.

Majority of the time, when it comes to racism, the Japanese people are mostly innocent because they are not really used to foreigners being in the country and they're complacent in their own country. So, I just brush that to the side and at least give them the benefit of the doubt. However, this is one of those times I can't brush that to the side and I must be serious about the situation.

And don't say stuff like OMG Jay, don't get too work up about it. They're young! This "young" excuse thing doesn't work anymore because all of them are the same age as me. Knowing that, there was not one person that think Huh! Maybe the stuff we said are messed up! I should stop them! Not one person stopped the laughter, not one person stand up for me, and not one person even apologized to me for their behavior. So, why should I feel sorry for them?

And they even have the nerve to blame me for leaving the group. I'm like Why I want to stay in a group where the people laughed at the racist comments towards me and painted my best friend's face black and made a face to it? My best friend having a "blackface" was the worst part of it all because she was one of the most important people I have in my life, and for those that are making a "blackface" on her is completely unforgivable.

Despite that, I still love Japan and the Japanese people, and I am not going to let that racial incident determine my passion for the country and its people. I am not going to lie! I am going to have more incidents like those when I am in Japan or in any other country, but I do need to know how to react to it positively.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

What's it Like Being Autistic: Romance

Romance is the hardest thing that I can handle as an autistic person because the dating world is gotten harder and harder for me to understand since it's constantly changing and trying to find the one girl that can be my first girlfriend was extremely hard.

Romance was the hardest thing for me ever since I had my very first crush in the third grade. I tried to be someone that I am not and it was a humiliating first rejection. So humiliating that I cried for the entire day. It was still marked one of the worst rejections I'd ever had.

From rejection to rejection, I thought that finding love could be impossible for me to know or understand because I can't successfully find my first girlfriend. Despite that, I learned what was romance like from a different perspective such as television shows, people that I know, and reading books. The one thing that I learned is that there is no perfect girl with no flaws. Girls are human beings and they have flaws but if you can recognize the flaws and still love the person then that is true love.

I started out being "the nice guy" and trying to be nice to girls in order for them to go out with me. So, I was just a robot to them. I learned that niceness cannot get my a girlfriend at all because there are no other traits that I can use to stand out from the rest of the guys. Plus, niceness can become creepy and uncomfortable sometimes. When I became older, I started to mold myself into a human being and getting traits that can help me stand out from the average guy. Learning about the things that I am good at and the things that I need to improve on.

Despite me supporting girls, being on their sides, and giving them honest advice, I kept getting rejected or friend zoned. At first, I was upset because they would choose the other guys rather than me but when I became older I learned that it was their decision and there's nothing I can do to make them change their mind, so I had to suck it up, move on, and at least support their decision.

It had gotten harder when sex was on the table when. In 9th grade, I heard a lot of my peers losing their virginities at that age and I was the only person that didn't know what was being a virgin is. I actually learned a lot about sex from the internet and my peers since my parents are never open about it nor gave me the talk before I transition to being a teenager. It was understandable that it was not really good to learn from my peers, but at least I had to learn about it from somewhere.

When I met Mami Omata, I thought it was the first time that I had fallen in love but turns out it was a mere infatuation. A one-sided love that was not really true love in the first place. I didn't really know about her. It was painful that I found out it was a mere infatuation but after seeing her true colors, it was smart for me to move on from here.

While I had tried to lay low on romance, there was this one girl from Yokohama, Japan that I actually do fall in love with, and she is actually the first woman that I fell in love with. Some of my close friends know about her and her name, and they know how much I really do love and care about her from the bottom of my heart. Despite her flaws and past, she was really an amazing person to me. She made me a better person and liked me for who I am as a person. When she found out that I had autism and never had a girlfriend before, she was touched because she didn't really see me as an autistic person at all. Just a regular young human being. I was forever touched by her words and how she would describe me as a person while I was mainly described as sub-human for almost my entire life.

On that day, I was super grateful and happy that I fell in love with a beautiful woman. I will never forget that woman for the rest of my life because she made my heart ran marathons and I always open my heart and mind to her to show my true feelings and thoughts. She was the very first woman that I could ever do that. No matter the outcome, I will always remember her as my first love of my life.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What's it Like Being Autistic: Bullying

Oh, God... where do I start with this topic? This might take a while...

Ever since I was in second (or third grade) I was constantly being bullied by the popular kids or any other kid in general because I think different, I look different, I act different, etcetera, etcetera. There was not one grade that I didn't remember that I wasn't bullied. It was just a constant yearly thing for me to get bullied.

Even when I transfer schools, I still get bullied for being different than the average kid so I was scared of showing my individuality to everyone because I don't want to get bullied.

There were lots of times that I didn't stand up for myself. I had someone else that had to stand up for me and it made me feel defeated because I let someone do something that I should have done by myself. That was one of the reasons that I was quiet and shy majority of the time and super nice all of the time because I do want people to like me. However, it didn't really work because they take advantage of my kindness for their personal uses.

I do remember the insults that a lot of people inside and outside of school told me:
You're such a creep/weirdo/loser.
Please stop being yourself because you're making everyone feel uncomfortable.
You're so weak it's not even funny.
You're pathetic/worthless.
You're a sorry excuse for a human being.

You're so stupid.
You never do anything right.
That's why no girl will ever fall in love with you. OR That's why you'll never have a girlfriend ever.
You'll die a virgin
Even God doesn't like you!

and the list keeps going on...

I do remember a lot of times that I've cried my eyes out because the insults and the verbal abuse were too much to handle, and it was stuck in my mind for almost the rest of my life. Those words I can never run away from even if I tried my very best. To me, that was the biggest reason that I put way too much pressure on myself and why I pushed myself too much and talked down to myself because those words were the same exact words I kept hearing throughout my childhood and my adolescent years. I rarely got any positive compliments or anything and I didn't have any self-confidence and had self-esteem issues.

There was a rare case that I do stand up for myself. It was a weird feeling because I rarely do stand up for myself and then I immediately became the quiet person again. Plus, there were times that I do stand up but I took it too far. There were times that I became in rage and wanted to attack people with objects but I was stopped by someone (teacher or student). Then, in the future, they were scared of me because I would harm them.

My parents were extremely concerned about me getting bullied every day and tried to tell the teachers to stop the bullying. Majority of the times the teachers would just stop the bullying temporarily until they grew tired of it and leave me be to get bullied. It's like they're saying Your son needs to learn how to man up. However, I was one of those students that can't stand up to myself no matter how hard I tried.

That's why I can relate to a lot of kids that were being bullied because I was in their shoes. I know what it was like to feel pain and suffering on the inside. But as I grew older, I believe that I became wiser and told myself and other kids to be nice to everyone, even to the people that are bullying you because they are suffering about something that you don't know about and they need any kindness they need.

What's it Like Being Autistic: Family

That one didn't really hit me hard, but it still stings. Out of all of my family members, I believed that my mother, my older sister, my father (if his memories are OK), and one of my aunts that used to be a counselor knew that I have Asperger syndrome. I had a tough time trying to fit in with my own family because I didn't know how to interact with them. Even though we were kids in the past and was playing video games and having a great time when all of us was getting older, everyone had their close relationships with each other and I felt that I was the only person that was being left out. Some of my cousins thought I was slow to understand anything, and because they had good grades and awards from their extracurricular activities, it made me feel as though I was doing nothing and felt intimidated on my own family.

My family had their battles and those are the ones that scared me the most. The physical fights, the verbal comments they made to each other in front of their faces or behind their backs, the confrontation they made to each other, and the miscommunications were the ones that I still remember to this day. I wanted to do my best to get the family together as one, but I felt insulted whenever I tried to interact with them. They either didn't recognize me because I couldn't talk really loudly, or tease me about anything on top of their minds.

Also, my family is extremely religious. I do believe in Christianity but I am not really big on religion. Since my family is extremely religious, that means there are a lot of limiting things that I cannot do that most of the kids could do and that cost me to becoming less developed and independent than most of my peers. I do love that I had a caring family that is concerning about my safety, but at the same time, I do need to spread my wings and fly. So that I can fall down constantly and get back up again.

I barely had any interactions with my dad's family. Even if I do, it's like we're complete strangers that were the first time seeing each other. Speaking of my father, my father and I do have our times of talking, but it was new to me that he would know a lot of things and can open up about things that are considered taboo for my mother. For example, when it comes to sexual intercourse, my mother believes that I should wait until I get married to the person I love, while my father thinks differently and says as long as I am not doing anything idiotic and is consensual, then it's OK.

My mother and father are two different perspectives of me. My mother was a loving woman and does her best to support and took care of me but there are a lot of times that she doesn't want me to see the world because she watches too much TV and she thinks that the stuff on TV could determine how the world really is, which is not like that at all. She shelters me by giving me a soul-crushing schedule of going to work, going to school, and coming home on weekdays and staying at home and going to church on the weekends. It was so irritating that I had to do nothing at home for the entire week but because I don't have a driver's license and going on trips can be almost impossible to do since my mother is too vigilant about the world, it's like I am missing a lot of amazing things by sitting in my home and blank out my mind to watch TV or Youtube. My father was different. He does give me the freedom and independence to make mistakes so I can learn from them; however, I believe there are times that he does get too comfortable on my independence and he does need to be more serious and considerate about not making my independence out of control.

I mean I do love my family from the bottom of my heart, but I do think that the challenges that my family have can deteriorate my potential of becoming a civilized adult. If there aren't many drastic changes in the future, I could be isolated and be scared of the world outside of my family and I won't be able to flourish drastically.

What's ie Like Being Autistic: Academics

Education was in the middle. It wasn't so bad, but it wasn't easy. I do have my ups and downs. From passing my math exams in elementary school to failing English essays in high schools. The one thing that I really dislike about academics is that I must work together with other people that I know that either doesn't do the work and I must do all the work or people that do the work and I am not included in it. Because of that, I was not really interested in working together with anyone and I was mostly working by myself. Most of the time I ended up passing the projects that are normally used in groups.

The second thing I don't like about academics is being criticized and intimidated by my grades and results of schoolwork and exams. I was almost in the bottom of the rankings when I was transferred to a magnet school and most of my peers were almost on the top of the rankings and I felt intimidated because they have all the good grades and awards because of it. It was like I wasn't doing enough compared to the other people or I was doing something wrong while almost everyone has done it correctly. When my peers saw my grades, they criticize me and said Everyone is passing this class easily, so why are you the only person that's struggling with it? Even my own family was criticizing me for my grades. It wasn't much encouragement throughout my time in school. It was more of You need to do better or you won't be respected at all. It was like that in English class in high school. I had to do everything I can to make a good grade in English and I thought it was impossible to do it because I was constantly failing my essays, tests, and quizzes. English was that one class in senior year that I was stressing myself on, and I passed the class by inches so I can graduate from high school.

The third thing was just too much time on focusing on my academics and grades. My mother kept telling me that school is for academics only and nothing else, and she sometimes still does when I was in college. It's not a place to make friends and it's not a place to get a girlfriend. It is for academics only!! She made me think that going to school is like a soul-less job that I must go to almost every day. I tried my best to not get that into my head, but she keeps telling me that, and I just gave up and became emotionless about school when I was in college. I hated when I was not making new friends, but I didn't want my mother to be disappointed nor upset if I slack off from my academics, so I had to shut my mouth and move on.

I do like learning something new, but I do regret so much for working too hard on and comparing myself to other people and not having enough fun while I am being young and naive about the world.

What's it Like Being Autistic: Making Friends

Making friends was really hard for me because I didn't know how to talk to people the right way. All I learned from my mother is to look at someone in the eyes because it shows respect to them and I am paying close attention to the person that is speaking to me. However, she didn't really tell me that looking in someone's eyes for too long and too much does show a sign of aggression. Because of that, it was difficult for me to make friends because I looked them into the eyes for too long and they felt uncomfortable. Also, she didn't really tell me onto how to start a conversation nor maintain a conversation with someone the proper way.

Basically, making friends inside and outside of school was a huge challenge for me because it was like I didn't know nor have anyone that I can really talk to, and I've seen a lot of peers and friends that know each other for years, and I didn't have anyone that I've known personally for a year.

Whenever I tried to start a conversation with one of my classmates, they felt uncomfortable and became distant to me, even with my friends that I had. When are with their friend, they are excited, happy, and having a great time. However, when it comes to me, it's like I make them feel uninterested and bored...

It as one of the main reasons that I didn't really like school because I was almost always alone. Ever since middle school, I tried to each with other people. Despite me trying to start conversations with them, I still felt that I was alone. So technically, it's like I was eating by myself for my entire middle and high school.

I never get invited to hang out with any of my classmates (and if I did, my mom doesn't approve of it because of distance between my house and theirs, and knowing their parents first before going somewhere with them), I was always the only person that I didn't have a partner when I have group work in school, I was either awkwardly forced to be with someone else or working alone, and I always sat alone on the bus since no one wanted to sit with me. When I saw someone sitting next to me, I smiled and say hello. They were disgusted, got up, and went to another seat.

It was kinda the same thing in college. I was always alone in my dorm room, never went out with anyone in particular, and everyone had their little group except for me. I was just all by myself with no group to fit in, and it had always been like that.

However, when I started doing Hellotalk and Lang-8, I made some friends that lived in different parts of the nation and different parts of the world. It was a great feeling for me to make friends even though they are in another part of the world. It made me feel as though I am not alone in the world, and it grew my interest in traveling to another city, state, and nation to make some new friends.

As I got older, making new friends has become a little easier because I have been expanding my circle and broaden my horizons to meet new people and make new friends. However, there are times that the past of being alone in primary and secondary school does pop up in my head at times.

In the future, I was be grateful with all the friends I made and will have from any part of the world, and I will try to make some new friends and maintain the friendships I already have.

What's it Like Being Autistic: The Discovery

I was about three years old when I started going to nursery school. The parents were dropping off their children and my mother wanted me to go with the other kids and play with them. However, I was stubborn and hold on to her tightly. It took me about 20-25 minutes to stop crying when my mother walked off to the main door of the school. After I stopped crying, I felt emotionless and didn't respond to any of the direction the teachers gave me. It's been like that for almost three months, and the teachers were concerned about my behaviors for the entire time I was there. I was playing by myself, didn't interact with the other kids, and was just lost in my own world.

One day, my teacher called my mother and they talked privately at one of the empty classrooms while I was playing with the blocks by myself. When my mother finished talking, I saw her disappointing face and I was worried that I had done something wrong. We were both quiet in the car for the and my mom rarely looked at me for the entire ride back home.

When I was in the third grade and was transferred to a new school, I was transferred to another classroom and it deals with kids that have disabilities. At first, I was super excited because I get on the computer and play Pokemon games, but later on, I felt as though I was intentionally being denied to the average classroom and I felt as though I had done something wrong that made me get into that "special" classroom. So, I started hating going to that classroom and tried anyway to get back into my classroom. It took some time, but shockingly, I was transferred back into my average classroom permanently for the rest of the school year. While I was happy that I get to go back to the average classroom that I was originally assigned to, I was sad because I was shunned and mocked by almost all of my classmates and I was getting punished severely for mistakes that I had done. Whenever I made a mistake, the other kids whispered bad things about me behind my back such as What a loser! He's such a weirdo! He doesn't realize that no one likes him! and stuff like that. After school, the kids were going to the other side of the school to catch the school bus they are assigned to. I had never ridden on the short bus because that was for the disabled kids and I was not assigned to that bus, but a lot of my peers was mocking me and telling me to get on the short bus because that's where I belong and stuff like that. It made me realize that third grade was one of the most challenging times in my life because it was the first time that I felt different from anyone else and felt as though I was alone.

Years later, when I was 12 years old, my mother, my sister and I had a daily conversation in the car, and the news on the radio talked about kids dealing with autism or Asperger's syndrome (milder version of autism spectrum) and how they should be dealt with to have a better future. My sister and my mother talked about me and how I had Asperger's syndrome. How I can learn new things quickly, great with numbers (so good with math), and have an impressive memory, but I struggle with socializing with other people and knowing about social cues.

At first, I was in denial and brushed it out of my mind. I thought they was trying to tease me, so Ii can annoyingly react to them, but when I hear about me and Asperger's in the same sentence, it was a huge blow for me because it made me feel as though being autistic was the worst thing a person could be. I tried to make myself think that it was just a dream and that I was normal just like the other kids, but it never did anything. It was like a label that was impossible to get off to. So, I felt defeated because it was a label that will be there for the rest of my life and I fear that it was the only reason that I cannot fit in.

What's it Like Being Autistic: Introduction

*Before I begin, I do admit that this post was on April 2nd since that day was World Autism Awareness Day, but April is Autism Awareness Month. So, it kinda counts...

The world can be a beautiful and a scary place for everyone to live in. From parades and sporting events to wars and terrorism, the world is an unpredictable place to be in, with everyone trying to live their lives normally and the best way they can. For human beings, one of the most breathtaking yet dangerous things they can handle is social interactions. For a normal person, they can learn what social circle they can be in either at a really young age or when they became older and mature adults.

However, for people with autism/autism spectrum disorder, social interactions are their biggest challenges they can handle and they see the world in a different perspective than most of the people. For people that do not know, autism (or autism spectrum disorder) is a developmental disorder that takes place in the hypothalamus of the brain that deals with communication and language. For normal people, it develops once the person gets older, but for people with autism, it could mean it developed a lot different than the average.

As a result, it makes their communication a lot different from the average. While they say one thing that may sound harmless to them, but to others, it's different (such as creepy, uncomfortable, weird, etc.). Since autistic people don't know a lot of social cues, it means they're believed to be incapable to fully understand what society is since their world is a lot different from anyone else.

Sadly, because they don't understand social cues and having problems dealing with communications and emotions, they are mostly looked down and shunned from their peers, making it harder for them to ask for help or to have a fully satisfying social life. They are portrayed as mentally challenged, weirdos, creeps, and even subhuman creatures.

Not only it damages their mentality, it can also make them become defensive to other people and will have a hard time to trust people and be vulnerable to anyone, even to the people they know and love.

And I am one of the autistic people (I have Aspergers. A milder version of autism spectrum disorder) that have that problem for almost my entire life.

So today, I am going to show all parts onto how it is different and hard being an autistic person from the start of knowing that I have autism spectrum to see the world a lot different from anyone around me.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

HelloTalk Incident

Wow... It's been a while since I had done this before. Almost one and a half year since I made a post about someone...

So, this week I had spring break, so it's a time for me to relax after a hectic semester filled with homework, tests, work hours, and family. During my spring break, Huss (a good friend from Australia) told me about a situation with his (probably now) ex-friend, Ami Yamana. He told me a lot of cool things about her and how great she is. At first, I was kinda interested in talking to her because she looks pretty and a chilled-out person, but I wasn't really that interested in her like talking to her every day or something like that. A lot of guys commented on how pretty and sexy she is on Hellotalk, Instagram, and other social media sites. So, I didn't really text her that much because it's kinda pointless to be in a crowd of guys wishing for her to text them back. However, despite him talking positive about her, he also told me that she had been "ghosting" him for a while even though they've been friends for two years. Now mostly, I would be the normal person and give him the cliche advice of "If she hasn't responded to your texts messages, either she's busy or not interested anymore." However, there was this one text from Ami that he sent to her that made me upset, disappointed, and sad at the same time.

Based off of that text, Huss was curious as to why they haven't been texting a lot, and Ami said she felt selfish and the reason she didn't text him back was that she only uses him for anything that she needs help on or advice. That's it! Nothing else. Not knowing how his day was, how's school, family, barely checking up on him. She just needs him for homework help or advice, and nothing else. When I read that text, I was upset that someone would say that to a friend. It reminded me of an ad that a wolf disguised itself as a sheep to fit in a herd of sheep, giving the overall meaning of look out for fake friends or fake people in general. So, it's mainly she doesn't really care about him unless it's only something that she wants.

I've known Huss for a long time, and he suffered A LOT in his life. His father was abusive to the family, his mother and brothers mentally and emotionally hurting him on a daily basis, he had problems getting money so there are times that he doesn't go to school,... So, Ami was almost the only hope he had. He tried his very best to be a good friend to Ami, yet she can't do the same thing nor even tried to do the same thing.

Now I know what you guys are going to say. Jay, he should have moved on from her a long time ago. Why does he keep trying even though he knows she's ghosting him? Or Why is this your business? I completely understand. He should have move on from her a long time ago; however, I do feel his pain because I know what's it like to have someone that is near and dear to me and spending time with them always helps me escape the negativity that's going on with my life. No matter how much negative things happening to me, spending time with that one person always give me the boost of confidence and happiness to keep going. And plus, he's my best friend. It's always sad when someone that I know and love being hurt by someone or something else. So yeah, it is kinda my business.

So after reading that text, I talked to Ami about it. I told her that you need to talk to Huss and apologize to him and try to rekindle the friendship, and I was really disappointed about the comment she made. At first, she said that he was a good friend, she felt disappointed about the comment she made, and she'll try to apologize to him. So I thought Great, she'll apologize, they'll compromise, and everything will be OK. Wow, I was super wrong.

So, they talked and she never apologizes nor even brought up the situation. Just a hello and that's it! I can understand that Japanese people don't want to deal with any conflict, and I respect that, but I think it's best to at least get the conflict out of the way and talk about it so it won't be bad in the future. So I talked to her again and told her that you need to apologize to him. She got pissed and told me Who are you? A teacher or something? Don't bother me again! I can apologize to him myself. 

OMG! I want to slap some sense to her! I know that I can be too serious sometimes, but it's not always a bad thing to at least help someone out with a problem. I wanted to make it a compromise, not about who's right and who's wrong. It's a funny thing that she said she's going to apologize to him by herself and yet she never did... Calling me a teacher as an insult was the weirdest insults I've ever had. I kinda take the teacher insult as a compliment, to be honest.

So,...yeah Ami. I can understand that it might be awkward at first to talk about the problem but good communication and being on good terms can handle any kind of conflict. Plus, again even though I don't do right vs. wrong situations regularly, you did make a mistake and you do need to take responsibility and try to make it right because Huss did try to give her a second chance by unblocking you. I do have some bad habits in the past, and I do have some now that I need to improve on, but the habits you made are kinda worse...

Posting pictures about one of your ex-boyfriends without his consent, bragging about how many people and celebrities called you pretty and hitting on you, telling a guy that you love him even though you just met the dude for about two months, thinking about going back with one of your exs when you do know why they are an ex for a reason, keep ignoring the advice that you've received and doing the same thing that you are not supposed to do that your friends and family members told you not to do, etc. Wow... I know douchebags and a**holes that find this annoying and irritating. Some of your friends were kinda annoyed about the stuff you're doing.

Shockingly, even if I give her a reality check, guys are still going to give her compliments about her looks, people still are going to hit on her, people still going to defend her and say that she did nothing wrong, and yet she might still do the same exact s*** like nothing happened.

Usually, I don't really talk about drama because it's a waste of time and unnecessary, but if it deals with someone that I've had a special bond with, then yes I am going to put you in your place. It's my business to at least stand up for someone that I know and love because they helped me sometime in the past so I need to help them.

And some of you guys would warn me and say What would happen if Ami saw this post? She might yell at you again! And?? I don't really care about what she's going to say to or about me, just don't mess with my friends. I don't care if she says I suck at girls. I know I suck at girls, but I least I am honest and I own up to it. What is she going to do? Busta CAPS LOCK on me?

The one quote that I remembered David So said is this: "It's not a mistake. It shows you what their true colors really is."

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Osaka upsets former No. 1

Now, this is why I love sports! Low-ranked players or teams beating top-ranked (or former) is the biggest reason why sports is interesting to watch.

Naomi Osaka (Japanese-American tennis player) from Osaka, Japan, defeated former No. 1 ranked tennis player Serena Williams at the 2018 Miami Open. It wasn't a close match neither. It was two sets to none. Osaka won the first set with six games to three, and won the second set six games to two, thus winning the match.

Image result for naomi osakaFor people that don't know about her, Naomi Osaka was born from Osaka Japan with a Haitian father and a Japanese mother. Her family moved to Florida when she was three years old, and she started playing tennis when she was six years old. She made her breakthrough in 2015 and was ranked top 50 in the women's division. As of 22 March 2018, she jumped from 44th ranked to the 22nd ranked because of the win.

All I can say is congrats to her marvelous victory. For Serena, hope you have a great training and health for the next tournament.

Jay Nakamura